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Mission and Tasks


The statutory tasks of the Research Association for Gerontology (FfG), which determine the Institute of Gerontology’s mission and range of activities, include:


  • research and scientific support of pilot schemes and projects in the area of social gerontology


  • scientific advice to public, charitable and private institutions and service organisations for older people as well as political and administrative organisations


  • qualification of salaried and voluntary workers in institutions, organisations, associations, public administration bodies and private enterprises, as well as participation in academic teaching.



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Forschungsgesellschaft für Gerontologie e.V. /
Institut für Gerontologie
an der TU Dortmund

Research Association
for Gerontology at
TU Dortmund University

Evinger Platz 13
44339 Dortmund
Tel.: +49 231 / 728488-0
Fax: +49 231 / 728488-55

Gerontology in Dortmund