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Range of activities

Research and scientific support

  • conception, implementation and evaluation of quantitative and qualitative empirical studies
  • preparation of secondary analyses
  • development of investigative and analytic instruments
  • scientific evaluation of projects, concepts and programmes
  • preparation of expert opinions, reports and comments
  • analyses of scientific literature
  • presentations and scientific publications


Scientific advice

  • research based policy-support
  • programming, conception and preparation of needs analyses
  • preparation of planning reports and/or political concepts for senior citizens
  • development of action plans for community-oriented work with senior citizens, as well as for care giving and health service institutions
  • participation in scientific experts panels as well as in political committees and networks


Qualification and teaching

  • planning and implementation of further education and training programmes
  • conception and organisation of scientific workshops and symposia
  • participation in the socio-gerontological courses of study at TU Dortmund, in particular the master’s degree course “Ageing societies”
  • promotion of young scientists, e.g. through offering internships, supervision of and advice in diploma and doctoral theses


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Forschungsgesellschaft für Gerontologie e.V. /
Institut für Gerontologie
an der TU Dortmund

Research Association
for Gerontology at
TU Dortmund University

Evinger Platz 13
44339 Dortmund
Phone: +49 231 / 728488-0
Fax: +49 231 / 728488-55




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